February 11, 2019


Several staff members from the Ambulatory Surgery Center at General Hospital recently received a letter of gratitude from the mother of a young patient who came in for an MRI.

Nurses Julia Bowman, Terri Wilkinson and Beverly Charleton, Jennifer Fleece, CRNA and Dr. Vincent Rago, anesthesiologist, were recognized for their kindness, compassion and the support of the patient and his mother.

The mother wrote that Charleton is a sweet, comforting lady. She talked to the boy about Santa Claus and sang Christmas carols to calm him, and when the mom was struggling, comforted her with a hug. Dr. Rago added some medication to ease the post anesthesia crying. Not only did the boy do OK during the MRI, Fleece told the mom her son was sleeping and not crying. He was so calm he breathed on his own during the entire scan and did fine with anesthesia.

The woman wrote that the staff did not make them feel rushed and concluded her letter by saying, "On this day, I was very grateful for your staff. We were not just a number, we felt like we were the only patient. Your staff took not just a moment, but many moments out of their busy day to not only care for my son, but this mother also. They touched our lives, gave hugs and offered to pray for good results. Your staff absolutely makes a difference, and I want them all to know that."

The boy remembered the staff from previous visits, and the family said they knew the patient was in good hands.

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