February 11, 2019


Krystal Fankhauser, pediatric nurse, received thanks from the grandmother of a patient who wrote to praise the care her grandson has received during his many stays. The patient has cystic fibrosis and experiences anxiety due to all of the tests, treatments and surgeries he has had since birth. He is 5 now.

The person wrote, "While all of the staff they've encountered through the years have been great, one nurse stood out." She said Fankhauser has a way of connecting with the boy. She is patient with his fears and anxiety and expertly handles the times when he is having a difficult visit. The grandmother concluded that Fankhauser may not realize the impact she makes, but her patients do.

Congratulations to the other January nominees: Chynna Bragg, Jill Coulter, Megan Hazelett, Wanda Lewis, Amy Martin, Neka Osborne, Leonard Picha, Kelly Priddy, Rhonda Rizk, Latosha Scott, Agnes Stiltner, Ashley Smith, Rachel Smith, Stacy Smith, Tammy Vaughn, Dreama White and Samantha Wright.

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