February 11, 2019


The humanitarian category also includes actions of bravery and courage.

Jessica Hazelett, nurse in Memorial Hospital's ED, was recognized for quick action that saved a woman's life. She was on a tour bus headed to New York City when she noticed a woman slumped over in her seat.

Hazelett moved across the aisle to check on the woman and discovered that she was unresponsive and had no pulse. She acted quickly to move the woman to the floor of the bus, yelling for the driver to pull the bus over for an emergency, all while she dialed 911 and spoke to the operator while holding her cellphone on her shoulder and administering CPR.

Hazelett revived the woman and an ambulance took her to a nearby hospital. The ER physician told the family they were very fortunate that Hazelett was seated across from their mother that night because her quick actions had undoubtedly saved her life.

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