March 4, 2019

CAMC knows that a highly-educated nursing workforce strengthens the quality of care provided to patients. CAMC can provide tuition assistance to eligible students who have been accepted to any nursing school for the summer 2019 semester.

Since fall 2017, the program has led to 153 signed agreements, and through December 2018, 24 nurses have graduated as a result of this assistance program.

Eligible students must have a letter of acceptance or be in good standing and must be currently attending a nursing program.

Work Commitment Guidelines

In exchange for the tuition assistance, students must agree to a work commitment with CAMC:

  • Work commitment is up to five years
    • Nurse Extern - three year work commitment
    • CAMC employee on nursing unit - three year work commitment
  • Commitment starts upon hire in an RN capacity at CAMC
  • Must be employed within three months of graduation date
  • Must be in a .8 status or greater for the entire timeframe of contract

Financial Guidelines

  • Maximum amount for contract is $30,000
  • If not successful in completing RN program or obtaining RN license, the full amount will be required to be paid back
  • Anything paid out in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year, per the IRS regulations, will be taxed. If not a CAMC employee, you will receive a 1099 for tax purposes.

Applications for the summer 2019 semester are due April 1. Visit to apply.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. For more information, contact Debby Schoolcraft at (304) 388-3376 or Educational assistance is made possible by funds from the CAMC Foundation.

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