March 11, 2019


Daniel Cho, MD, MPH, a fourth-year resident in the CAMC/WVU internal medicine/psychiatry program, was named president and chairman of the American Psychiatric Association's APA-APAF Leadership Fellowship.

This is a program aimed at developing national leaders in the field of organized psychiatry by offering psychiatry trainees opportunities to interact with national thought leaders in the field and further develop their professional leadership skills, networks and psychiatric experiences.

Cho was one of 10 residents chosen last year by the American Psychiatric Association as "Leadership Fellows," an honor that signifies each successful nominee has a future as a leader in the field.

The 10 second-year fellows in the now advanced group elect a president and chair of the combined cohort of 20 future leaders in American psychiatry.

"Dr. Cho's recognition is a considerable honor for the CAMC/WVU Behavioral Medicine Residency Program and the WVU Charleston Campus," said John Linton, PhD, associate vice president for Health Sciences and dean of the WVU School of Medicine's Charleston Campus. "Not only was Dan chosen by the American Psychiatric Association national committee in his first year, his nine second-year cohort peers selected him as the leader of the entire fellowship group for the next year. This is a praiseworthy accomplishment."

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