April 16, 2019

It's one of those things most people probably don't think about, until they need it: help.

The customer support center (CSC) is a single point of contact for employees and physicians seeking technical support from information services.

Formerly known as the help desk, the CSC is primarily a "technical support" for the workforce's technical needs. The CSC also will take roles in process management, verifying approvals for IS products and even assisting employees in their general CAMC questions.

"The CSC is more encompassing of all questions an employee might have; if we can't fix it, we probably know who can and if we don't know, we will find out," said Rick Tolbert, manager. "We have to know something about almost everything."

The CSC employs 12 people with varying skill sets working various shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, processing about 1,500 calls weekly.

There are more than 500 unique devices, software and types of access that are required daily for CAMC employees to perform their jobs.

"We provide support for computers/devices, software and account/access requests," Tolbert said. "We train constantly to stay ahead of CAMC's needs and industry changes."

The CSC also manages/monitors CAMC data center health in our local Data Center at General Hospital. This is a 24/7 activity, with reader boards, alerts, alarms and a multitude of activities that are performed during each shift.

"Overall, we pride ourselves in an 85 percent resolution rate and a 4.75 out of five in our customer satisfaction rate. Achieving this success with such a young call center is an oustanding accomplishment, and it tells a great story of those who provide support for CAMC employees," Tolbert said.

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