April 16, 2019


Rhonda Rizk, Amy Martin and Neka Osborne were recognized for coming together to help 10 patients who were set to receive in vitro fertilization services when their doctor became unavailable unexpectedly.

There were no other providers in the community able to help these patients. They had paid out-of-pocket for expensive medications that would help stimulate their reproductive system to produce enough eggs for the procedure, so they didn't have much time.

Additionally, each of the patients had prepaid CAMC and had fully expected to be pregnant in the very near future. Rizk, Martin and Osborne worked tirelessly to set up alternative arrangements at a facility in North Carolina. These employees poured their heart and soul into making sure the patients were properly cared for and did not miss out on their chance for a viable pregnancy.

Congratulations to the other March nominees: Shalisa Clapham, Kasee Fulton, Dwight Greathouse, Halie Haynes, Amanda King, Katie Purdy, Terry Riddle, Gary Riley, Mary Schiano, Michael Smith, surgical services at Women and Children's Hospital, Jennifer Todd, Samantha Withrow, Cody Young and Kayla Young.

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