May 20, 2019

Congratulations to our honorees for the 2019 Award of Excellence in Professional Nursing!

General Hospital


(Back row, L to R): Jenny Imler, manager, 5 south; Dee Clay, manager, 6 east; Candace Cowger, manager, MICU; Tina Scala, LPN, 6 east; Susan Hanna, RN, Kidney Transplant; Carmen White, manager, 6 south; Connie Saltsgaver, manager, 4 south; Heidi Edwards, chief nursing officer; Dorletta Hairston, RN, 6 south; Branda Hewitt, RN, 3 south; Pam Oakes, manager, 7 south; Deborah Walker, CMC, med rehab

(Middle row, L to R): Jessica Robinson, manager, 3 south; Sande Egnor, manager, NSICU; Tara Elkins, manager, surgery; Mike Williams, administration, General Hospital; Elizabeth Staggs, RN, STICU; Sydney Napier, RN, NSICU; Danielle Martin, RN, GMICU; Chelsi Ann Wolf, RN, ED; Kelcey Bayles, RN, 6 east; Trisha Waugh, RN, 4 south; Debbie Bess, LPN, 4 south; Catherine Lynch, RN, bariatrics; Teresa Atik, LPN, med rehab

(Seated, L to R): Jessica Ramsey, LPN, 3 south; James Martin, LPN, 5 south; Jenna Sargent, RN, 5 south; Barbara Gwynn, RN, short stay surgery; Shiloh Mace, RN, OR; Jessica Pritt, RN, 7 south; Ashley Nelson, RN, med rehab

Not pictured: Jessica Fuller, RN, PACU; Candace Riffle, LPN, 6 south; Terri Wilkinson, RN, Ambulatory Surgery Center

Memorial Hospital


(Row 4, L to R): Lisa Holland, RN, 4 south; Mary Ellen Taylor, RN, open heart recovery; Angela Brock, RN, ED; Linda Jenkins, RN, Family Medicine Center; Christina Raynes, LPN, 4 west; Amanda Muncy, LPN, 5 west; Rachel Blackwell, RN, 5 west; George Farris, administration; Diana Carpenter, RN, endoscopy; Cindy Coleman, administration; Lisa Songer, administration; Heidi Edwards, chief nursing officer

(Row 3, L to R): Patty Johnson, LPN, PAC; Beverly Seale, RN, OR; Bonnie Gibson, RN, PACU; Heather McComas, RN, CPICU; Ashley Bowles, RN, 3 south; Brittany Kramer, LPN, clinical resource department; Erica Simpson, RN, 3 west; Nikki Boggs, RN, SICU; Tina Fenney, RN, 3 north; Teresa Shannon, RN, 4 north

(Seated row 2, L to R): Cindy Hall, RN, CDU; Kendra Miller, RN, 5 south; Sheila Litton, LPN, 5 south; Erica Wines, LPN, 4 south; Amy Smith, LPN, 3 west; Daniel Thomas, RN, cath lab

(Seated front row, L to R): Jessica Workman, RN, PCCU; Kelsey Price, RN, MET; Michelle Hudson, RN, 2 west; Breanna Haynes, RN, 5 front; Louise Karnes, RN, SurgiCare

Not pictured: Annette Webb, LPN, 2 west; Savannah Kirk, LPN, 3 north; Cassidi Wriston, LPN, 3 south; Shasta Akers, RN, 3 east; Emily Smith, LPN, 3 east; Christopher Jeffery, RN, 4 west; Cheryl Bice, RN, SV-IMC; Angela Burgess, LPN, PCCU; Haylie Travis, RN, MICU; Rebecca Davis, LPN, CDU; Catherine Zekan, RN, PAC; Mary Bowen, RN, clinical resource department; Terri Adkins, RN, VCOE; Bethany Frame, RN, CDL

Women and Children's Hospital


(Back row, L to R): Heidi Edwards, chief nursing officer; Susan Russell, manager, pediatrics/PICU; Anita Carfagna, manager, mother/baby; Linda Cobb, manager, GYN; Michelle Underwood, manager, surgery; Nancy Marcus, manager, NICU

(Middle row, L to R): Robin Zuniga-Dixon, mother/baby; Lisa Lambert, RN, PAC; Traci Lough, RN, labor and delivery; Regina Martin, RN, ED; Morgan Jones, RN, gynecology; Christen Hartwell, RN, OR; Kevin Americo, manager, ED

(Seated, L to R): Judith Haddock, RN, PICU; Erin Craffey, RN, pediatrics; Alex Redman, RN, mother/baby; Jennifer Geyer, RN, NICU

Not pictured: Christy Wilt, RN, PACU

Teays Valley Hospital


(Back row, L to R): Angela Goddard, surgical services; Mary Beth Mullins, administration; Carmen Brooks, MICU; Heidi Edwards, chief nursing officer

(Front row, L to R): Lavonda Williams, manager, medical/surgical; Emily Toole, RN, medical/surgical; Amber Blake, RN, MICU; Toni Priestley, RN, surgical services

Not pictured: Jason Delong, RN, ED; Lisa Miller-Linville, LPN, medical/surgical

Ambulatory departments


(L to R): Melissa Meeks, RN, Breast Center; Kathy Adkins, RN, nursing diagnostics; Adolfina Wolfe, RN, Cancer Center/chemotherapy; Kara Wade, RN, Outpatient Surgery Center; Heidi Edwards, chief nursing officer

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