May 20, 2019


The humanitarian category of Heart & Soul recognizes employees for acts of kindness and charity that promote the well-being or improve the lives of others in our community. It also includes actions of bravery, courage and selflessness.

Bridget Stephens, clinical management coordinator on 5 West at Memorial Hospital, had dropped her daughter at preschool and was on her way to work. She was stopped at a traffic sign when she noticed a vehicle rolling down the embankment beside the road. Once the vehicle stopped, Stephens jumped out of her car and ran up the hill in the cold rain to the wrecked vehicle.

She used her nursing skills to assess for injuries while helping those in the car to safety. She offered to make phone calls for the victims, sat with the victims and comforted them until medical help arrived.

This act of heroism may seem like something any one of us would do, but Stephens was 39 weeks pregnant. She delivered a baby girl just two weeks later!

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