May 20, 2019


Sometimes the worst events bring out the best in people. That was the case in December when Memorial Hospital suffered a great loss in the sudden death of a co-worker.

The pharmacy department was in desperate need of support, and thanks to this group, all needs were met.

The empathy, warmth and genuine concern expressed by Brian Hodges, Brian Sayre and others in this group are what make CAMC the best place to work.

Tracy Suppa-Todd, Kelly Gilbert and Denise Burgess immediately made themselves available to the department to provide support and comfort for anyone who needed it.

Ravi Isaiah supported the employee's wife, ensuring all questions were answered and needs were met.

Joe Tucker worked with law enforcement, towing companies, phone services and repair companies to decrease stress on the family.

The events on that day were devastating, but the kindness and compassion shown by this group eased the pain for that department.

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