May 20, 2019


Jenna Sargent, a nurse on 5 South at General Hospital, was caring for a patient who had been in a car accident in which she lost her son and husband.

When the patient's two surviving daughters visited, Sargent noticed the dress of the young teenage daughter was worn and she was wearing house slippers. The patient said her daughter was wearing the house slippers to school due to their financial situation.

Sargent bought new shoes and clothing for the patient's daughter. The patient told the manager that the emotional support of the nursing staff helped her get through that difficult time.

Congratulations to the other April nominees: Timothy Allen, Greg Brown, Caleb Burgess, Dana Doctorick, Dwight Greathouse, Michelle Kidd, Roger Kidd, Angela Lafferty, Emily Martin, Anna Mullins, Khoa Nguyen, Kelly Priddy, Gary Riley, Kimberly Robinson, Kristin Schneider, Sherry Scott, Elizabeth Shaffer, MD, Bernice Tallarico, Robert Thurman and Samantha Withrow

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