October 15, 2019


Leo Cevallos is a college student who volunteered this past summer. He was recognized for his generosity. While making rounds, Cevallos said several patients told him that they loved to read, but did not have any books while in the hospital.

So he used credits he had at Taylor Books to buy several books of various genres and donated them to those wanting something to read. The patients were able to keep the books and were very grateful.

Congratulations to the other September nominees:Mickey Bello, April Bostic, Wendie Dingess, Mary Duiguid, Dr. E.M. Famularcano, Heather Gibson, Orville Gibson, Faith Gillispie, Austin Haney, Alisha Harshbarger, Cheryl Hopkins, Shena Huffman, Mohammed Imani, Gabrielle Messina, Tiffany Rappold, Charles Roy, Megan Stansberry, Brooke Taylor, Emily Toole, Marylou Toole, Richard Witt

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