November 15, 2019


The NICU at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital was recently awarded a $47,000+ grant to purchase a new in-house transport incubator from the Brave Beginnings program.

Brave Beginnings is a program of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation. Its mission is to ensure NICUs across the country are equipped with essential neonatal technology needed to protect premature babies. Each year, the program spends roughly $1 million in grants awarded to hospitals nationwide, and the funds are used to purchase specialized equipment for treating preemies.

Premature babies (those born earlier than 37 weeks of pregnancy) are at greater risk for both short-term and long-term health complications. The care provided during the first hour after birth, called the "Golden Hour," is critical and having the right medical equipment and supplies is imperative.

With its grant, the NICU has purchased a new in-house transport incubator, which functions like a portable intensive care unit, allowing the delivery team to provide high-level care to premature infants until they can be safely admitted to the NICU.

Women and Children's Hospital thanks Brave Beginnings for awarding these funds to its NICU so that we can continue to protect the lives of those little ones in our care. To learn more about the program, visit

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