November 15, 2019


Each quarter, we recognize a manager. At the October management information meeting, Shawn Scarberry, maintenance facility manager at General Hospital, was recognized.

He's a fairly new manager, but in a short amount of time he's made quite an impression.

The people who nominated Scarberry wrote:

  • The mood in the department has become more positive.
  • There's been a change in morale throughout the department.
  • He is a very positive influence on each and every employee, and he coaches us all to be better employees.
  • Scarberry has set expectations for communication with other departments.
  • He holds his staff responsible for communicating clearly and in a professional manner.
  • He addresses issues directly with the departments or requesting individuals, often involving other maintenance employees when resolving an issue so that they can learn.

Scarberry's goal for the department is to be proactive and identify and upgrade plant equipment to provide more reliable utilities.

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