November 15, 2019


Several years ago, leaders at CAMC had a vision of enhancing educational opportunities for its leaders and employees. This vision included bringing together all of the programs related to leadership and professional development to align our offerings and expand our services. As a result, CAMC University opened its doors in 2004.

The focus of CAMC University is to build organizational talent at CAMC, working in partnership with leaders, human resources and education. The university offers non-clinical leadership and professional development.

Over the years, departments across CAMC have offered a variety of their programs through CAMC University. In addition, many departments have reached out to the university for services including individual, team and organization development. Since 2004, more than 40,000 seats have been filled by CAMC leaders and employees taking advantage of the educational opportunities available under the CAMC University umbrella.

CAMC University thanks its faculty, change cadre members, human resources, education and leaders, all of whom contribute to the success of the university and growing our own.

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