February 17, 2020


Dr. Chelsea Knotts, PGY4 surgery resident, was recognized for some special work on Christmas Eve.

A young patient came to Women and Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve for an emergency procedure. The little girl wasn't worried much about being sick. She was more worried about whether Santa would find her if she had to spend the night in the hospital.

Knotts didn't want the little girl to be upset so she promised the patient she would make sure that Santa knew where to find her. Before the patient came out of surgery and into recovery, Knotts retrieved several gifts from the donated children's toys and brought them into the PACU. She sat them on a bedside table and took the time to write a note from Santa. When the little girl work up, she saw the gifts that were left for her and was so excited. Her family was very thankful.

Congratulations to the other January nominees: Matt Bradley, Misty Burger, Christopher Hall, Carl Jackson and Jackie Perdue.

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