September 10, 2013

CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital serves thousands of children in need within our own communities, many of whom cannot afford proper health care.

Seventy percent of the patients cared for at that hospital are considered underserved or at-risk. To care for the children of our region, CAMC is continually looking for new ways to support the uninsured and disadvantaged, as well as to continually provide the most technologically-advanced care available.

To meet this need, the CAMC Foundation partnered with local convenience store chain, One Stop, to raise money for programs at Women and Children’s Hospital.

During part of June and July, customers of more than 30 One Stop locations bought the dollar-sized paper certificates, signed them and the stores posted them in the windows to showcase the support of the hospital.

“We’ve wanted to do a program like this for a long time,” said Gail Pitchford, president of the CAMC Foundation. “Not only will this campaign help raise money for vital programs at Women and Children’s Hospital, but it will also bring a greater sense of awareness to the incredible services we provide to the children in our region.”

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