November 12, 2013

Each year, 10 percent of all babies born in West Virginia will have a condition that requires special attention in a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU. The NICU at CAMC Women’s and Children’s Hospital cares for many of the babies born at hospitals across southern West Virginia, as well as hundreds of the more than 3,000 born here that need critical care/ neonatology.

The team of physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, physical and respiratory therapists, pharmacists, social workers and approximately 75 nurses with neonatal resuscitation program not only care for the child while they are a patient, but also months and years later. The CAMC Foundation is proud to support the NICU Grad party held each year for the children cared for in the NICU. A day for families and care givers to reunite, this event also lets these precious children be just that, children.

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