March 29, 2011

Kelly Cottrell, ED manager at Women and Children's Hospital was recognized at the quarterly management information meeting in January.

Among her accomplishments, Cottrell was just selected by Premier to receive a 2011 ED Leadership Educational Opportunity Award. Her selection was based on criteria that also mirrors our manager Heart and Soul criteria.

Under Cottrell's leadership in the ED, Women and Children's Hospital has made improvements in patient flow, internal efficiencies, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and standardization of care for pediatric and adolescent patient populations.

Cottrell also assisted with developing a triage/rapid assessment process for lower acuity patients, which keeps those patients ambulatory so they are never admitted to a bed in our ED.

The current length of stay for a patient in rapid assessment is an average of 71 minutes, while our overall length of stay for discharged patients is an average of 198.6 minutes (as of October 2010). On average 90% of patients seen in rapid assessment are discharged to home without ever being admitted to a bed in our main ED.

In addition to her responsibilities as ED manager, Cottrell also is part of several committees and system-wide performance improvement projects.

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