November 20, 2014

The CAMC Foundation is working to build awareness in the region through an icon campaign; Kids Bucks.


Kids Bucks will highlight CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital and the thousands of disadvantaged children in need within our own communities, many of whom cannot afford proper health care.

About 70 percent of the patients CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital cares for are considered underserved or at-risk. To meet this need, the CAMC Foundation is partnering with local businesses to raise money for programs at Women and Children’s Hospital.

These partners will sell “Kids Bucks,” dollar-sized paper certificates, for $1. Community members who purchase the bucks will sign them and the stores will post them internally to showcase the support of the children.

This campaign will bring a greater sense of awareness to the incredible services we provide to the children in our region. We believe that by keeping donations local, we can help provide the biggest impact to our families, friends and neighbors.

If you or someone you know of would like to be a part of this worthy endeavor, please call (304) 388-9866.

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