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May 19, 2015

An astounding $478,000 was raised to help sustain a positive and healing presence in West Virginia. Outside of the community support received each year at this event, there is no other funding to address this void in our community.

Fonda and John Elliot and their amazing committees worked tirelessly and dedicated their time and efforts to the children and families cared for at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital. Their generosity will be felt for years.

This year, tennis great Chris Evert helped serve up a night of unforgettable memories. As a former #1 ranked pro for seven consecutive years and having won 18 grand slam titles, “Chrissie” now battles on and off the court for needy children. Her mission and the CAMC Foundation’s align perfectly.

As a parent, grandparent or family member of a child, you always hope and believe that you’ll never receive bad news about your loved one’s health. You attempt to view the world through their eyes; bright and full of endless possibilities.

Unfortunately, we live in a reality that is not as forgiving. Given the nature of our work, we see the effects of a negative diagnosis on our youngest and most precious patients. We experience the weak, sick and struggling patient and family. To make matters worse, a majority of our patient population is indigent; making the total family struggle that much more intense. Many pediatric patients face long stays in the hospital, endless hours of treatment and long periods of time away from their families.

Thankfully for this community and those families facing such hardships, there is the CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital and the wonderful staff to provide state-of-the-art and compassionate care. You have the power to change lives. With your help, the 2015 CAMC Foundation Gala was a “Game, Set, Match” for the less fortunate in our region. Thank you!

Austin Coleman, Tiffany Marie, Rosa and           Chris Evert with Bill and Debbie Howard        Dave and Billy Ramsey with Russ McLaughlin      Fonda and John Elliot with Chris Evert                Moore and Katie Capito                                      Shannon Elliot and Russ McLaughlin

Lloyd Hill with Chris Evert

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