May 20, 2015

The foundation asked that question to some patients and families. The foundation sent letters to many former patients asking them to consider making a donation in honor of a doctor who had treated them with exceptional care, comfort and reassurance.

The Doctors’ Day mailing received 78 gifts honoring 47 CAMC physicians. The gifts ranged from $15 to $200 and totaled $3,665. The majority of donors were first time donors to the CAMC Foundation.

Below are physicians who had a gift made in their honor.
Dr. Kathleen Bors
Dr. Richard G. Bowman II
Dr. William H. Carter
Dr. Malcolm L. Chaney
Dr. Justin D. Cohen
Dr. Robert J. Crow, Jr.
Dr. David E. Ede
Dr. Brett A. Faulknier
Dr. Leonard A. Fichter
Dr. James N. Frame
Dr. James D. Gallagher
Dr. Todd H. Goldberg
Dr. William L. Harris
Dr. Stephen M. Hass
Dr. Bradley D. Henry
Dr. Prasuna Jami
Dr. Janet M. Jenkins
Dr. Molly John
Dr. Steven J. Jubelirer
Dr. John B. Kelly
Dr. Jack L. Kinder
Dr. Donald R. Lilly
Dr. Tony C. Majestro
Dr. Firasat S. Malik
Dr. Jessica L. Matheny
Dr. Reginald J. McClung
Dr. Steven L. McCormick
Dr. James M. Mears
Dr. Bassam Moushmoush
Dr. Raghavendra Mulinti
Dr. Arun Nagarajan
Dr. Kevan Namay
Dr. Aravinda Nanjundappa
Dr. Rohit Patel
Dr. James J. Pettit II
Dr. Alfred K. Pfister
Dr. Asif Rahman
Dr. Mitchell N. Rashid
Dr. David S. Ratliff
Dr. Michael A. Schiano
Dr. Clinton W. Sloan
Dr. H. J. Stanton
Dr. Patrick A. Stone
Dr. Andy R. Tanner
Dr. Arvind Z. Viradia
Dr. Matthew P. Walker
Dr. William A. Wood

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