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If you are looking for a dentist, our dental professionals are experienced in all areas of oral health, including general dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.

Detection of Diseases
Dentists are often the first health care providers to recognize and identify a number of illnesses - including cancer and cardiovascular problems. Research suggests an increasing number of links between oral diseases and other health concerns.

Diagnosis and Treatment
Dentists diagnose and treat conditions affecting the teeth, tongue, gums, lips and jaws. Exciting technologies, such as digital radiography and laser systems, along with enhanced new materials and techniques, can be used to correct dental problems.

Surgical Restoration
Dentists perform trauma surgery, place dental implants, graft tissue to repair, restore and maintain the teeth, gums, and oral structures that have been lost or damaged by accidents or disease.

Cosmetic Improvement
Dentists improve their patient's appearance by using a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry materials and equipment to help patients feel better about their smiles.

Dentists educate patients and the public on how to maintain oral health and prevent disease. Dental professionals play a leadership role in implementing community-based preventive programs, such as community water fluoridation, sealant programs or oral cancer screenings.

Dentists are involved as scientists to further the knowledge of oral diseases, treatment techniques and materials used to correct dental problems.

Source: The American Dental Association