August 8, 2019

Where do you go for a health checkup? Who takes care of you when you’re sick? Do you have a primary care provider?

Experts say you should.

The doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistant at CAMC Primary Care take care of patients and their families with a variety of health related issues.

"We're focused on the whole person,” said Lea Ramos Famularcano, MD.

“Our bodies are a whole system, and a lot of times problems with one organ are caused by problems with another organ,” said E. Michael Robie, DO. “So as a primary care provider, whether it’s one of our nurse practitioners, physician assistants or physicians, we take a holistic approach and look at the entire patient.”

Primary care is your main point of entry into the health care system. It is where your health care needs and concerns are initially assessed.

"The thing that sets CAMC Primary Care apart from other primary care offices in the area is the relationship to CAMC,” Robie said. “We have immediate access to the level of specialty care that our patients sometimes need. Another thing we offer that many don't is community outreach. We're devoted to taking care of our patients, even if they can’t get to our office. We go to the homes of patients who are homebound and unable to get to us, and we help take care of patients in several assisted living facilities as well."

WATCH: CAMC Primary Care’s doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistant work together to provide the best care for their patients.

Primary care services cover a range of prevention, wellness and treatments for common illnesses.

“What I love about primary care and family medicine is the relationship I foster with my patients,” Famularcano said. “The kind of care I offer is a very personal approach because I want to get to know people and treat the whole person.”

“We're now focusing more of our care on preventative medicine,” Robie said. “We're able to take care of entire communities by focusing on outreach, healthier activities and diets, and educating the community on how to stay healthy."

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