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September 17, 2019

At its August meeting, the medical staff executive committee recognized five employees.


Mary Duiguid, housekeeping, was recognized for her consistent work every day as well as her actions to help when an employee vomited in the office. Mary immediately started helping and made sure everything was cleaned up and that the employee was OK and had made it to the emergency room safely.


Nathan Collett and Emilee Brooks, cath lab, were recognized for coming in on a Saturday to assist with a cardiac emergency. They were not on call, but the two regularly scheduled call teams were already working on other emergencies.


Angela Lafferty, nutrition services, was recognized after a patient wrote a letter. The patient explained, "she is kind, considerate and simply makes life easier for patients. Angela goes out of her way to be certain that the meals to be delivered are exactly what each patient needs and wants. She always has a smile, and it made me feel as if I was important for something besides my medical care."

Shirley Wooding, case management (not pictured), was recognized for helping secure durable medical equipment (DME) essential for a patient's well-being and safe transition to home. The equipment had not been delivered as arranged. The family and patient was distraught and disappointed. Wooding went above and beyond to make sure the appropriate DME was delivered and the patient/family were satisfied. She was able to do this even though it was after hours.

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