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September 17, 2019


Mark James is a respiratory therapist.

The person who nominated James said he was sitting in the emergency department waiting room with his mother who was sent there from her physician's office due to shortness of breath. He saw James in the waiting area talking to another patient and asked James if he could assist in getting his mother a breathing treatment with a nebulizer.

James approached the elderly woman to ask if she takes treatments on a regular basis. She said she did and needed one, but she didn't want to do it in front of other people. James met with the triage nurse to assist in getting orders for a nebulizer treatment. He arranged for the patient to be placed into a side room that provided her with some privacy for the treatment.

He did all of this for the patient even though he wasn't even working. He happened to be in the waiting room with his own family member. The person who nominated James said the fact that he left his own family to assist with another patient, while he was off duty, shows a love for his job and compassion and respect for patients.

He also continued to check on the patient to see how she was doing during her stay.

Congratulations to the other nominees: Brian Boland, Mary Beth Hyatt Cool, Tommie Gilkeson, Faith Gillispie, Jamie Haynes, Sue Nolan, Elisabeth Patton, Yvonne Thorne, Kendra Trent, Alan White and Zachary Wiley, MD.

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