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December 19, 2019


Tracy Harper, labor and delivery, was nominated by a patient who says Harper helped her and her family through a traumatic event.

The patient was induced for labor shortly after learning her baby had no heartbeat.

The patient met Harper the next morning when she pulled up a stool, cried and prayed with the patient and her family and showed heartfelt compassion. Harper told the patient even if her shift ended before the delivery, she would stay by her side. Throughout the labor and delivery process, Harper anticipated every need.

There were many decisions the family was not prepared to make. Harper explained every option and talked them through every concern with patience.

She helped the family pick out an outfit, hat and blanket for the baby and had a box containing clay molds of the baby's hands and feet painted purple, the patient's favorite color. Harper dressed the baby and brought her to the family, stayed for her baptism and helped with funeral home selection and arrangements.

The patient even said under the worst of circumstances, Harper stood out as a ray of sunshine. Her compassion, patience and empathy seemed never-ending.

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