Preparing For Your Visit

Patients are seen at the CAMC Cancer Center on a referral basis only. We see patients with oncology (cancer) and hematology (blood) disorders. Our physicians will work closely with your referring physician to ensure you receive the very best care possible.

Please bring a copy of your insurance card and medication list to each visit. While you are here, your doctor may request blood work and we have a lab available to provide these services. After your initial consultation, your physician will discuss your treatment plan. This treatment plan may include chemotherapy administration.

An oncology nurse will discuss this plan also and provide education about the treatment and will assist the physician with the consent for treatment. We provide the chemotherapy/infusion therapy at the cancer center. A registered nurse will assist you and administer your medications for treatment. Please feel free to ask questions or voice any concerns at any time during your treatment.

What to expect when you arrive for treatment

  1. Prior to treatment, ask how long you will be here for treatment and plan meals accordingly. It is helpful to pack snacks and drinks.
  2. Cell phones are prohibited in the infusion area. TVs are available in most rooms.
  3. No children are allowed in the treatment area.
  4. Only one visitor per patient. Occasionally circumstances allow for two visitors, with nurse's approval.
  5. The chemo nurse will ask for your medication list and will do a brief assessment upon arrival.
  6. You may need blood work or other labs collected.
  7. An IV (intravenous) site will be established.
  8. Pharmacy staff will prepare chemotherapy.
  9. Some medications that are given as pre-meds to chemotherapy can cause drowsiness. If you receive this medication, please make arrangements for some one to drive you home.
  10. You may require an injection to stimulate blood cell growth and these injections are administered at the cancer center.