President's Testimony

Being in CAMC's Medical Explorers was a superb and impactful experience. Throughout high school, I've had opportunities to meet incredible professionals in the medical field. I have greatly enjoyed our speakers who are always eager to answer questions and educate us about their fields. They have given me, along with others, insight into the medical field. From the Cardiac Cath Lab to CAMC's Solutions - Pharmacy, I've been exposed to so much thanks to Mrs. Schoolcraft and the Medical Explorers team. Freshman year, I had dreams of becoming an engineer, but had no idea what type of engineer I wanted to be. After attending the monthly meetings, I discovered that biomedical engineering was what I wanted to do. As a Biomedical Engineer, I will be able to use engineering principles to enhance the medical field and help save lives. Medical Explorers has changed my life for the better.