Genetic Risk Clinic

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The CAMC Breast Center is the only center in our region to provide a Genetic Risk Clinic, which offers hereditary cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing by a master’s level, trained genetic counselor. If you are concerned about a personal or family history of cancer or other hereditary conditions, our clinic can help you:

  • Conduct individual cancer risk assessments
  • Evaluate the need for genetic testing and determine which genes to test
  • Order genetic testing if necessary
  • Interpret results of tests
  • Making medical decisions to manage your risk
  • Refer to specialists if needed

    The majority of cancer diagnoses occur sporadically, with little or no family history of related cancers. A smaller proportion (about 10%) of cancer diagnoses are hereditary and cancer risk is passed down generation to generation. These cases are caused by mutations in single genes which result in a higher likelihood of developing cancer.

    Genetic testing is done to screen individuals for gene mutations that put them at increased risk for certain diseases. These tests can also find out whether your children could inherit a disorder from you (carrier testing).

    The Genetic Risk Clinic can test for hereditary breast, ovarian, colorectal, renal and prostate cancers, as well as melanoma, multiple endocrine neoplasia or thyroid cancer, and other types of rare tumors.

    The Genetic Risk Clinic is located at the Breast Center on the third floor of the CAMC Cancer Center in Kanawha City. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (304) 388-2038.