Healthy Kid Stories

Hannah's Weight Lost Story


Hannah lost 19 pounds and 5 inches from her waist and lowered her BMI from 28.08 to 23.7. This resulted in her reversing pre-diabetes without any medication.

“This program has been a blessing to us,” said Hannah’s mom, Lisa. “We have been able to change many of our unhealthy habits and are seeing the results. Because we cook meals more, we actually sit down to dinner as a family much more than we used to. I have learned that it takes all of us to make the program work.”

Seth's Weight Lost Story


Seth has participated in HealthyKids for four years and lowered his BMI from 29.8 to 26. More importantly, he stabilized his fatty liver disease.

“HealthyKids is great!” said Seth’s mom, Melissa. “My son had been diagnosed with liver disease called NASH. This program helped with diet and exercise to treat it. It has taught my son to eat healthy, read labels and learn about portion control. Seth learned that eating healthy and exercising will keep his liver healthy. “

Nessa's Weight Lost Story


Nessa reached a healthy BMI at 24.2 from a BMI of 29.1 in eight short months. She is most excited about shopping for new clothes!

“Besides the weight loss, it has changed her personality,” said Nessa’s dad, Eddy. “She is a lot more motivated and has a lot more self-esteem. It is almost like having a different daughter. I would recommend HealthyKids to any parent if they are concerned with their child’s eating habits.

As a family we are being more mindful of what we eat and how we prepare our meals.”

Rachel's Weight Lost Story


After eight weeks of HealthyKids, Rachel lowered her BMI from 26 to 24.4 and decreased her triglycerides by 51 points and her cholesterol by 40 points into the normal range. “When I was 11 years old, I was insulin resistant and borderline diabetic, so I knew changes needed to be made,” Rachel said. “In HealthyKids, I lost weight, learned how whole real foods make me feel better, and realized that food should not be a reward – it is simply to nourish our bodies. I also learned how to exercise while having fun. I am now a sophomore Human Nutrition & Foods major at West Virginia University. When asked, 'Why do you want to be a dietitian?’ I share my story about HealthyKids.”