CAMC Lifestyle and Prevention Programs

  • Weight Watchers at Work

    We bring the meeting right to your workplace, so even the busiest professionals can still attend.  Since the majority of your week is most likely spent at work, attending Weight Watchers with your co-workers creates a great network for ongoing support and motivation.  A minimum of 15 is required – we will do the rest – at work! Classes are held at Teays Valley Hospital and Memorial Hospital for CAMC employees.

  • Group Fitness Classes

    Group Fitness classes are available to both CAMC employees and community members. Group Fitness class entry is available on a first-come, first-served basis for a small fee of $2.50 per class. Please call (304) 388-7593 to learn more about our Group Fitness classes. Classes include Zumba and yoga.

  • Tobacco Cessation

    Offers help with quitting smoking or using smokeless tobacco through QuitLogix.

  • HealthyWage®

    CAMC now offers the HealthyWage $10,000 Team Challenge, a group weight loss competition. Participants form teams of five – which can include friends, coworkers and/or family members, who compete to lose weight for 12 weeks. The team that has the highest percentage of weight loss wins $10,000. To learn more, visit or call 888-636-3832.

  • Genesis 5k Training Program

    The training program will last 10 weeks. Once a week, there will be group walk/run to help to inspire and motivate participants throughout the program.The program is intended for new runners and walkers with the purpose of creating a foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle. We’ll have a week by week training routine for the most basic levels; no experience is required. Additionally, participants will receive a training schedule to guide them through the process of self-training in preparation for the race.

  • Diabetes Education Program

    CAMC Outpatient Diabetes Education Services are available for everyone with diabetes (including pre-diabetes). Family members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of their loved one's education.

  • Weight Loss Center

    For people interested in learning more about medical and surgical weight loss, the CAMC Weight Loss Center provides free weight loss seminars led by physicians and medical staff.

    Family members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of their loved one's education. For patients who’ve undergone surgical or medical weight loss, the Weight Loss Center houses a full-service gym where patients can work to maintain their weight loss goals. Patients can also work one-on-one with a certified exercise physiologist.

    In addition, supports groups are held the first Thursday of every month (except July) for post-surgical patients and cover topics ranging from dietary counseling and exercise to plastic surgery options and psychological support.

    Transform Your Health,” an 8-week weight loss program, is available for free to CAMC employees. The classes are led by physicians, a clinical psychologist, certified dietician and exercise physiologist.


Weight Watchers at Work

Anna Sutton
(304) 388-7593

Diabetes Education Program

Teresa Waugh
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Group Exercise Classes

Anna Sutton
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Genesis 5K Training Program

Anna Sutton
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Tobacco Cessation Benefits

Anna Sutton
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Denise Chiartas
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Weight Loss Center

Mary Colley
(304) 388-4965