Skip the trip to Charleston -- schedule your next appointment at a CAMC Telemedicine Center!

Telemedicine Services

If you live near Summersville or Ripley and you see (or need to see) a CAMC specialist in Charleston (like a cardiologist, neurologist or urologist), now you can schedule your appointments at one of our telemedicine centers close to your home.

Telemedicine is the same as an in-person visit with your doctor – without the travel. Simply come to one of our centers for your next appointment and we’ll connect you with your specialist through a secure, private video conference. You’ll get the same personalized attention and excellent care without the inconvenience (and expense) of leaving town.

Easy Access to Specialty Care

Our telemedicine centers give you access to CAMC specialists in your community. If you don’t have the technology for a telemedicine visit at home, the ability to travel to your physician’s office, or you simply don’t have the time to drive to Charleston for an appointment, our staff can connect you with your provider quickly and easily.


Talk to your provider about scheduling your next appointment at one of our telemedicine locations.