Calling all CAMC Artists:

Submit your original art or photography to be considered for display in the new CAMC Employee Wellness Center!

Art submissions are being accepted now until February 28, 2020.

 Everyone who enters also will qualify for prize drawings!

  • $100 paycheck incentives for employees
  • $100 gift cards for volunteers

 “We are excited to give employees a platform to showcase their artistic talents in our new Employee Wellness Center. Our goal is to create a hopeful, healing environment that will benefit all employees who visit the Center.” -- Anna Lucas, CAMC Health and Wellness Coordinator

 Submission Requirements:

  1. CAMC employees and volunteers are invited to submit their original works of art (i.e. paintings, drawings, photography, canvas, etc.) to be considered for display in the CAMC Employee Wellness Center.
  2. All CAMC employees are eligible to enter, including employees of CAMC subsidiaries and affiliated entities.
  3. Submissions can be any size up to 22x28” and must either fit into a frame to be displayed on the wall OR be presented in a format suitable to hang on the wall, such as a canvas. (Art does not have to be framed when submitted. If selected, CAMC will frame art for display, if needed.)
  4. Art should reflect one of CAMC’s five categories of well-being: Physical, Emotional, Professional, Financial or Social.
  5. The deadline to submit entries is February 28, 2020.
  6. Entries will be reviewed by a selection committee of hospital staff that will choose artwork to be displayed in the CAMC Wellness Center (which will open by the end of the first quarter of 2020).
  7. All art submissions will be on display during an open reception at the Wellness Center (date to be announced).
  8. Entries that are chosen for display will be announced via social media, Vital Signs, e-mail and the MyCAMC app.
  9. To enter, complete official entry form and submit it with your art to Anna Lucas in Employee Wellness at 419 Brooks Street, Charleston.
  10. All entries that are chosen for display become the sole property of CAMC and will not be returned.
  11. Submissions should be family friendly and include no representations of violence, profanity, drugs, sexual content, nudity or political platform.
  12. Only CAMC employees and volunteers are eligible to submit art.
  13. For more information, call Anna Lucas at (304) 388-7593.
Well-being by definition is the state of being happy, healthy and prosperous!

CAMC has developed a framework that defines five components of well-being including physical, emotional, professional, financial and social well-being as key determinants in a person’s overall state of well-being.

Physical well-being: adopting healthful habits while avoiding destructive habits; maintaining a healthy quality of life that promotes accomplishing daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.

Emotional well-being: understanding and managing emotions and related behaviors, coping effectively with stress and burnout; adapting to change and building resilience.

Professional well-being: occupational satisfaction and enrichment by contributing unique gifts, skills and talents to tasks that are personally meaningful and rewarding; improving and sustaining work processes that contribute to producing “joy in work.”

Financial well-being: developing prudent and responsible financial habits, effectively using tools to manage financial resources, and committing to monetary goals for future needs.

Social well-being: a sense of belonging, social inclusion and community; feeling connected in society and nature by acknowledging and emphasizing interdependence and relationships.

There’s something for everyone!