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Vasectomy is a form of permanent sterilization.

The procedure

The procedure usually takes approximately 15 minutes.

During the procedure your vas deferens will be identified and a portion will be removed and sent to pathology for verification. Each end of the remaining vas deferens will then be cauterized and tied with suture. One end will be buried into the surrounding tissue to further prevent the possibility of sperm entering the ejaculate. This process will be repeated on both sides.

After the procedure

You will be able to go home following your procedure, but will need someone else to drive you. Please follow these post-operative instructions:

  • Light activity is ok. No lifting or straining for three days, including no sexual activity.
  • Take medications as directed. Start your medicine the day of the procedure.
  • A laxative may be used as needed.
  • Apply ice to incision for comfort.
  • You may shower starting the day after the procedure.
  • Continue contraception and consider yourself fertile until after the semen analysis.

Post vasectomy semen analysis instructions

After your vasectomy, you will be asked to produce a semen specimen to confirm that there is no sperm in your ejaculate. The specimen should be brought to a laboratory three months or thirty ejaculations after the procedure. Until the semen analysis shows no evidence of any sperm, you must continue to use contraception.

Instructions for obtaining a proper semen sample

Using a non-lubricated, non-spermicidal condom, ejaculate into the condom by manual manipulation. Carefully remove condom, turn inside out, and direct semen into the sample cup. Please do not place condom into specimen cup.

Post vasectomy semen specimens are brought to Charleston Area Medical Center, SVI Laboratory or to any participating laboratory covered by your insurance company. Be sure your name is written on the specimen container and a valid physician's order accompanies your specimen. Specimen containers should be provided after your vasectomy.

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