Volunteers are an important part of CAMC’s patient experience.

As Charleston Area Medical Center volunteers, our mission is to serve as support for patients, families and hospital staff, and to provide a caring, comforting and courteous environment. 

Volunteers at CAMC bring their unique personalities and skills to our hospital. They range in age from 15 to 101. Our ranks are made up of men and women; students and retirees; homemakers and business people. Last year, 300 volunteers contributed over 35,000 hours to our hospitals, Cancer Center and Hospitality House. 

We are looking for volunteers who exemplify CAMC's core values of respect, integrity, stewardship, quality, service with compassion and safety. These volunteers will help us with our mission of "striving to provide the best health care to every patient, every day."

Who can volunteer at CAMC? 

Adults (21+) who are interested and committed to giving their time four or more hours per week to serve patients, families, visitors and hospital staff are eligible to become a CAMC Volunteer. Adult applications are currently being accepted. 

College students (age 18+ and in a Full-Time college/university) who can commit to serving in a volunteer capacity for a minimum of four hours per week for a minimum of four months or approximately the length of one semester. 

Volunteens: High school students 15 years of age or older who have completed the 9th grade may Volunteer.  You can apply and onboard at anytime and volunteer throughout the year.

CAMC Employees: CAMC employees who wish to volunteer may not volunteer in a role that is similar to their paid role. However, Volunteer Services will work with you to find a rewarding opportunity in which to volunteer.

CAMC Retirees: CAMC employees who retire and begin volunteering within one year will continue to accrue years of service in the institution. 

What does a volunteer do to help CAMC? 

Volunteers provide a variety of helpful services throughout our CAMC hospitals. Volunteers work in patient areas such as nursing units or emergency departments by visiting patients, filling ice or water pitchers, getting blankets or helping to locate resources or information to make a patient's visit more pleasant. 

Volunteers serve our guests and the public by working at the flower and/or information desks or serving as greeters. They provide a welcoming environment by helping patients, visitors and guests find their way throughout our large facilities. 

Volunteers also assist in many of our behind the scenes areas helping with special projects, mailings, running errands or filing. While these volunteers are not always in the view of the public, they build special relationships with the staff they support and help make our work go more smoothly.

Volunteer Auxiliary 

The purpose of each CAMC Auxiliary is to render assistance to their respective hospitals and carry out projects that might improve patient care and morale. Each CAMC facility has its own auxiliary and auxiliary board which is made up of CAMC volunteers in good standing. The Auxiliary’s purpose is to support and provide assistance to its respective hospital by providing time, talent and resources that help to support patient care and employee relationships within the hospital.

Through the years each auxiliary has donated an enormous amount of time and effort to CAMC. In addition to serving as volunteers throughout our hospitals, many auxiliary members help in fundraising efforts through activities such as book, jewelry or uniform sales at their respective hospitals. Monies raised at these events and through other opportunities support the needs of the hospital. Examples of items recently purchased through the auxiliaries to improve patient and visitor experiences include new furniture for the CAMC General Hospital ICU/Surgery waiting room; a contribution to the purchase of new diagnostic equipment for CAMC Memorial Hospital's EKG department; and crafts and art supplies for child life therapy at Women and Children's Hospital.