Patient Link

CAMC PatientLink - Your information on your time.

patient-linkPatientLink is CAMC’s patient portal. A patient portal allows you to electronically access your health records and other information about your care. Once you are enrolled in PatientLink, you can use it from your computer, tablet or phone.  PatientLink is convenient, free and secure.

Please note: CAMC changed its patient portal on September 14, 2016. 
 Click here to learn more about this transition and please see the appropriate links below to access the patient portal depending on your visit date.

For visits to CAMC on or after September 14, 2016:
Click here to use our self-enrollment feature (you will need to know your Medical Record Number)

Click here to log in once you have created your account

For visits to CAMC prior to September 13, 2016:
 Log in here  to access PatientLink accounts created prior to September 13, 2016. You will have access to your existing account until November 16, 2016. After September 14, no new health information will be available in the old portal. You must enroll in the new patient portal upon your next visit to any CAMC facility.

If you have questions about the patient portal transition, please click here to submit your question and someone will respond to you.