Charleston Surgical Hospital Imaging Services

Imaging Services

Charleston Surgical Hospital Outpatient Imaging provides patients with a comfortable relaxed atmosphere in a traditional non-institutional setting. Patients have easy access to our facility directly from our parking lot. We offer an array of imaging services including:

• X-Ray
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

You have a choice when it comes to where you get your radiology procedure.  We hope you choose to have your next radiology procedure at Charleston Surgical Hospital Outpatient lmaging.  Some of the reasons to choose Charleston Surgical Hospital Outpatient Imaging are:

Conveniently located at close to downtown
Plenty of free parking
Fast, hassle-free registration
Ease of scheduling for referring providers
State-of-the-art equipment
Friendly and courteous staff
Highly skilled medical professionals
Radiologists dedicated to patient care and willing to respond to referring physicians

Fast and Convenient

The registration process is fast and convenient.  It is equally our commitment not to make patients or their referring physician wait for the results.  The turnaround time for the referring doctor’s office is just minutes upon completion of the exam.  Our Radiologists read and dictate your exams with voice recognition software that provides the referring practice a final report almost in real time.  Results will be faxed, emailed or mailed to the referring practice depending on their preference.