HealthCare Financial Services is always looking for new talent to join our team.

Employment opportunities include:

Account Resolution Specialist I:

Day shift
Requirements: Data entry experience, 5,000 keystrokes,
1 year collection experience, telemarketing and customer service skills.

Common Duties and Responsibilities:
(Essential duties common to all positions.)

  1. Maintain and document all applicable required education.
  2. Demonstrate positive customer service and co-worker relations.
  3. Comply with the company's attendance policy.
  4. Participate in the continuous, quality improvement activities of the department and institution.
  5. Perform work in a cost effective manner.
  6. Perform work in accordance with all departmental pay practices and scheduling policies, including but not limited to, overtime, various shift work, and on-call situations.
  7. Perform work in alignment with the overall mission and strategic plan of the organization.
  8. Follow organizational and departmental policies and procedures, as applicable.
  9. Perform related duties as assigned.

For more information about jobs at HealthCare Financial Services, or to submit a resume, email us or call (304) 345-4371.