Our management staff has a combined 200 years of experience in medical and retail collections and billing.

HFS requires its collection staff to complete a six-month probationary training process. Then they are certified through NHCA National Healthcare Collectors Association.

Billy Comer, BS
(304) 388-6802
Email: billy.comer@vandaliahealth.org

Pam West, CRCR
Client Services Manager
(304) 388-6822
Email: pam.west@vandaliahealth.org

Tommy Spurlock, BS
Sales Manager
(304) 388-6865
Email: tommy.spurlock@vandaliahealth.org

Reva Nichols
Collection Supervisor
(304) 388-6825
Email: reva.nichols@vandaliahealth.org

Mary Beth Wolfe
Collection Supervisor
(304) 388-6805
Email: mary.wolfe@vandaliahealth.org

Melissa Rakes
Collection Supervisor
(304) 388-6820
Email: melissa.rakes@vandaliahealth.org 

Rick Smith
Data Coordinator
(304) 388-6804
Email: rick.smith@vandaliahealth.org