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Looking for relief from enlarged prostate (BPH)?

CAMC was the first in West Virginia to offer the latest treatment option, Rezum®, that uses natural water vapor instead of implants, like UroLift®.

REZUM® is the new wave and most popular treatment for bothersome prostate enlargement. It works by injecting small amounts of steam into the prostate to shrink excess tissue. The prostate repairs itself naturally to relieve aggravating symptoms, such as needing to urinate frequently, irregular flow and straining to urinate. There are no implants or devices left in the prostate.

The UroLift® System is another treatment option that uses implants that stay in the prostate to lift and hold the enlarged tissue so it doesn’t block the urethra.

BPH experts at CAMC Urology recommend REZUM® because it is highly effective at treating all types of prostate enlargement without leaving foreign objects in the prostate that could cause complications.

Dr. Nathan Hale explains how the Rezum procedure works and its benefits.
David Clayman shares how Rezum changed his life.

REZUM® is FDA-approved and offers many advantages over traditional treatments for BPH.

“The ability to target extra tissue that needs to be removed while sparing the tissue around the prostate, with very few side effects, is what makes this procedure different and effective,” said Nathan Hale, DO, urologist at CAMC.

Hale said advantages of this innovative procedure are that it can free men from taking daily medications, it doesn’t require major surgery, and it allows men to retain normal sexual function, unlike some existing treatments.

“Candidates for this procedure are men who have been on medication and are no longer finding it to be effective,” Hale said. “It’s also an option for men who don’t want to commit themselves to a lifetime of taking medications or who don’t want to deal with the side effects that they’re experiencing with medications.”

REZUM® is performed under twilight anesthesia (a mild dose of general anesthesia). It does not require an overnight hospital stay, and most men return to normal activities within a few days. Patients often notice significant improvement in their symptoms within two weeks.

Hale says REZUM® could be a game-changer for managing BPH.

“Other minimally-invasive treatments have come and gone, but they have not been able to provide the lasting effects that we think REZUM® will provide,” Hale said.

If you suffer from BPH and would like to learn more about REZUM®, call CAMC Urology at (304) 388-1900.