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The Behavioral Health program has been helping adults with general and geriatric psychiatric disorders since 1973.

CAMC Behavioral Health specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in the geriatric and adult population. Our medical team includes board certified psychiatrists, who take a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.
Because CAMC’s behavioral health unit is located in West Virginia’s largest medical center, patients have immediate access to comprehensive medical care for any specialized needs. This continuum of care allows our experienced clinical staff to offer the most effective treatment within a fully integrated health care system developed to meet the individual needs of each patient.

The Behavioral Health team has had training that enables it to assess and treat most acute psychiatric illnesses, with the goal of helping the patient return to normal functioning and reclaim his or her life in the community. The Behavioral Health Unit coordinates the patient's care by using a multidisciplinary treatment team that includes but is not limited to a medical director, physicians, psychologist, resident psychiatrist, psychologist intern, medical students, counselor, recreational therapist, registered nurses, and other assistive personnel. We also work closely with social workers, dieticians, physical therapists, case managers and other members of the medical staff as needed.

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