4 CAMC Healthnet dedicate aircraft

CAMC and HealthNet Aeromedical Services celebrated the addition of a new helicopter dedicated to better serving patients in southern West Virginia and beyond.

The new helicopter is equipped with the latest aviation and medical technology. Its large airframe allows the space needed for complex specialty transports that require additional medical specialists and equipment on board the aircraft.

"The addition of this helicopter in southern West Virginia will serve to enhance the delivery of critical care transport services across the region. Without a doubt, its size, power, safety features and overall mission-focused capabilities will save lives," said Clinton Burley, president and CEO of HealthNet Aeromedical Services.

The helicopter is based in Beckley.

"For 34 years, CAMC has been proud to be part of the state's largest air ambulance system," said Dave Ramsey, CAMC President and CEO. "Through technology with telemedicine to critical care air transport, CAMC is able to access communities in central and southern West Virginia to preserve and increase access to health care."