Labor/Delivery nurses

Labor/Delivery, L to R: Emily Martin, Caleigh Crosier, Kim Null

Thank you to our nurses for your tireless and skilled care for our patients and community.

“I’m inspired by seeing the incredible work you do every single day,” said Heidi Edwards, Chief Nursing Officer. “You inspire me to be better for you and the work you do.”

Even when there’s no pandemic, nurses are on the frontlines of patient care, filled with compassion and dedication, and are indispensable when it comes to protecting public health.

In 2021, two nurses are celebrating 55 years of service at CAMC: Carrell Mitchell, Vascular Center of Excellence, and Naomi Legg, Preadmission Testing, General Hospital. This is what they said about their years of experience:

Patients want to feel safe and have competent, compassionate people caring for them. You have to love nursing to be a nurse because you are exposed to people who are having the worst day of their life. It's good to have experienced nurses rounding with doctors. Nurses help explain and reinforce what doctors tell patients. You need good nurses to have good patient outcomes.

Naomi Legg   Preadmission Testing, General Hospital

Day in and day out, we sacrifice a piece of ourselves in order to give and provide the best care that we can to our patients. You have to keep the mindset that you always put your patients first. Their lives are in your hands 8, 10, 12 hours a day. Patients are dependent on you in their time of need. Never give up, even when you feel bogged down with all of the tasks that go into daily patient care. Sometimes this is hard to do. Hang in there, for this too shall pass. At some point and time throughout our career, we have second-guessed why we do what we do. But at the end of the day, if you have taken the time to truly connect with your patient, you can go home after your shift and say to yourself 'I made a difference today.'

Carrell Mitchell   Vascular Center of Excellence
Medical ICU nurses
Medical ICU, Teays Valley Hospital, L to R: Amber Blake, Angela Richmond, Jamie Chapman, Brittany Sanders
Cardiopulmonary ICU nurses
Cardiopulmonary ICU, L to R: Tessa Tincher, Marisa Russel, Kristin Schneider, Kimberly Meadows, Jamie Tackett
3 South nurses
3 South, General Hospital, L to R: Linda Mickles, Frank Latimer, Jessica Ramsey

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