Photo of opening celebration of CLAR

The CAMC Center for Learning and Research is now open.

This nearly 60,000 square foot center has been designed to support the training of all types of health care professionals, serving as a learning environment for residents and students from affiliated universities around the state and beyond.

Highlights of the state-of-the-art center include a 3D digital table with an anatomy and virtual dissection platform, virtual reality, 12 simulation rooms (inpatient, outpatient, OR, ER and a labor and delivery suite). There also are procedural rooms where specialized equipment is used for training in endoscopy, ultrasound laparoscopy and other common procedures.

The center features new high-fidelity mannequins that mimic human body functions, have different skin tones and represent patients of all ages, from newborn to the elderly.

The CAMC Foundation raised $6.2 million of the $21 million total cost of the center.

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