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The Medtronic ALLEVIATE-HF study team recognized CAMC and its researchers for having the highest overall patient enrollment rate in the clinical trial to more quickly identify patients at risk of worsening heart failure.

About 6.2 million adults in the United States have heart failure, a condition where the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to support other organs in your body.

Treatment of heart failure ranges from lifestyle changes to medication and surgery to open blocked arteries.

For the past year, CAMC has been one of only 51 hospitals in the U.S. selected to participate in the ALLEVIATE-HF clinical trial. This study evaluates the ability of an insertable cardiac monitor in identifying patients at high-risk of worsening heart failure.

This trial will determine if early information provided by the monitor enables clinicians to act before patients’ conditions worsen. The device will alert clinicians if a patient is at high risk for a heart failure event, allowing time for a physician to adjust medications to enhance patient health.

The implantable monitor is about one-third the size of a AAA battery and is placed just beneath the skin through a small incision in the upper left side of the chest, according to Medtronic. The device communicates wirelessly with a patient bedside monitor that uploads device data. This allows physicians to continuously and wirelessly monitor a patient’s heart for arrhythmia disorders.

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