Photo of Aaron Reynolds

The Everyday Excellence Heart and Soul award recognizes those who model professionalism, are constantly reliable, and consistently provide high quality results and service to customers.

Aaron Reynolds, marketing and public affairs, also was selected as a Heart and Soul winner in the Everyday Excellence category.

Reynolds is the webmaster for our external and internal websites. That’s merely his title. He is more accurately described as “problem-solver extraordinaire.”

So many people across many different departments rely on Aaron for little and big things. He always delivers.

In working with his internal customers, Reynolds always makes them feel respected and heard. He always has time to listen, understand and handle their request with excellence.

His excellence leads to tangible benefits for CAMC such as the following examples:

  • He built an extensive site for applicants to apply for School of Anesthesia enrollment in a total paperless fashion; replaced an outdated, paper process. His work saves money on paper, adds velocity to the process and presents a more friendly face for CAMC to applicants.
  • He contributed advanced troubleshooting and problem-solving skills to find the root cause of flawed data transfers, automated process; identified root cause: a corrupted character in computer code to ensure provider credentials are up-to-date and accurate on our public-facing website.
  • He updated and rebuilt the benefits enrollment site on CAMnet for this year’s enrollment in support of the HR team making sure enrollment occurred on time and efficiently.

Reynolds is a big part of what makes CAMC great.

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