Amanda Pates, CNII and Savannah Gray, NA work on 5 Front, CAMC Memorial Hospital.

Recently, Pates and Gray had been taking care of a patient during the course of his admission for COVID-19. Due to his isolation status, he could have no visitors during his hospital stay. Pates and Gray were consistently in the patient's room during his stay.

As his condition started to worsen and rapidly decline, Pates frequently called his family and offered to video chat with him during his final days.

Pates and Gray sat with the patient holding his hand, talking to him and reassuring him. Both of them stayed with him until he took his last breath.

They are a prime example of our mission and core values and provide compassionate care to every patient from admission to discharge.

Photo of Amanda Pates
Amanda Pates, CNII
Photo of Savannah Gray
Savannah Gray, NA

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