Photo of Annalyse Perry

Annalyse Perry works in the medical ICU at Teays Valley Hospital.

She recently helped care for a female patient who was eventually placed on the ventilator after having a severe asthma attack.

As the patient was weaned off sedation, she woke up quickly and was extremely concerned about her job. Communicating by pen and paper, she asked staff to call her employer to report she was incapacitated. Perry made the call.

While the patient was still on the ventilator, she let Perry know she was a breastfeeding mom and had not been able to pump for the past 24 hours. Perry helped the patient to manually express to relieve the pain she was experiencing.

Perry went to Walmart after work to get the patient a manual breast pump and collection bags to store her milk during her hospital stay.

Perry put her heart and soul into the care of this patient, as she does for all her patients.

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