ED Staff

Sheletta Thomas, Aspen Saunders, Nicky Webb, Amanda Hughes and Kenny Love

A patient was sent to the ED at Memorial Hospital the day before she was supposed to get married. While waiting on an inpatient bed, the ED staff jumped into action and arranged a beautiful wedding for the patient and her fiancé.

The wedding planners included Aspen Saunders, Nicky Webb, Amanda Hughes and Sheletta Thomas. Kenny Love, security guard, officiated the couple’s wedding ceremony.

The wedding took place on 2/22/22, the day their original wedding was supposed to take place.

The patient’s nurse and family helped her get ready for her big day. Staff provided a wedding cake, plates and decorations. Other ED employees gathered to witness the ceremony, complete with a flower girl.

Employees and family members were moved as they watched this special ceremony take place in the emergency department.

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